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Thank A Farmer® is an agriculture awareness group designed to reintroduce the importance of the American Farmer to society through professional and entertaining education programs such as the TAF Magic Show, Thank A Farmer Day® programs, Thank A Farmer® Books, speaking engagements, consulting, and agriculture marketing promotions under the Thank A Farmer® brand.

Thank A Farmer® programs reach over 60,000 children annually and the exposure continues to grow. Our goal is to have a National Thank A Farmer Day® recognized in our nation’s schools so that every child has a minimal understanding of how important Agriculture is in their daily lives.

Coming from an agriculture background and living in urban communities, Rhonda Ross has developed all Thank A Farmer® programming to bridge the gap of understanding between rural and urban societies through the use of new and innovative communication techniques.

All Thank A Farmer® presenters come from farming backgrounds and are passionate in conveying an authentic and informed message of agriculture.Consumers know little about farming and agriculture other than what is depicted in the media, which many times misrepresents the farmer and the complete truth.Thank A Farmer® educates consumers on what agriculture provides for them in their daily lives. They learn farmers not only provide food, but also products used in nearly all their basic needs.

Our programs are appreciated and supported by many, including State Agriculture Secretaries, Farm Advocacy Groups, Parents, Children, Farmers – – and loved by Educators!

Thank A Farmer’s Mission is providing entertaining education that teaches children the importance of farmers and the contributions of agriculture for a healthy population and economy.


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