How You Can Support Thank A Farmer®


What Family Memberships (only $25/year) receives:

  1. Thank a Farmer® decal for car
  2. TAF schedule listed on membership page so they can come meet us
  3. Member discount (such as $7 for 3 books)
  4. 4-H kids in animal production eligible for TAF sponsorship (winner honored by press release sent to hometown paper on selection and a few hundred dollars for feed )
  5. Supporting Thank A Farmer® and knowing first hand present and future goals.

Membership Dues Gain: Access — Belonging — Rewards

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Sponsorship of Thank A Farmer® is an investment in cash or in kind in return for access to exploitable business potential associated with an event or highly publicized entity.

Investment – implies that value will be returned to the investor.
Access – ability to be associated with a particular offering
Exploitable – to take greatest advantage of the relationship
Allowing the sponsor to make the greatest use of their investment and capitalize on the relationship!!

Following is what Thank A Farmer® normally does. You are free to offer additional suggestions.

(1) Sponsors for presentations would receive:

  • Press release issued one week in advance of appearance to local publications with sponsor’s name
  • Electronic press release issued to all media as TAF is arriving to town
  • Sponsor mentioned on media work (radio, newspaper and TV interviews)
  • Sponsorship announced on TAF Facebook with link to sponsor
  • Picture taken at event with sponsor signage and posted on TAF Facebook
  • Verbal recognition and appreciation given to Sponsor at live TAF presentation
  • Welcome sponsor’s families to programs with special recognition given to their children
  • Sponsor’s literature (minimal) may be made available at TAF program location
  • Feed-back loop card given out at presentation

(2) Sponsors for Vehicle and Fuel would receive:

  • Your advertising on a vehicle driven by a Thank A Farmer® presenter throughout the United States 20 – 40,000 miles per year – – coast to coast and border to border. A moving billboard!
  • Positive rapport with agriculture and consumers caring where their food comes from
  • Patriotism by aligning with the root of our economy, the farmer, and an understanding of how our economy is based on hard working individuals

(3) Sponsors for Education in Urban School on the Importance of Agriculture & Farmers would receive:

  • Company visibility
  • A chance to identify the value of your products and processes, which is assumed in Ag communities but are not in an urban environment
  • Economic education services to strengthen the urban population’s understanding of the nation’s economic roots and what your agricultural companies are contributing
  • Educational Information given to students with your logo attached

Type of available sponsorships:

  • Title
  • Presenting
  • Associate
  • Product Specific
  • Event Specific
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Thank A Farmer® does not engage in direct lobbying of individuals or governments. Instead TAF provides an educational environment which facilitates rational decision making on agricultural issues on a local basis. The economy in each state provides unique opportunities for Thank A Farmer® to tailor its message for the maximum benefit of members, agricultural communities and those who supply and serve them.

Thank A Farmer® needs your tax deductible donation to fulfill this mission. While members are the backbone of Thank A Farmer®, those who can contribute to a higher impact message will benefit themselves and all Thank A Farmer® associated entities.

Individual Donors

  • $100 – $200 – Bronze
  • $250 – $500 -Silver
  • Over $500 – Gold
Corporate Donors

  • $1,000 – $2,000 – Bronze
  • $2,500 – $5,000 – Silver
  • Over $5,000 – Gold
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