Rhonda Ross

Rhonda Ross - Thank a Farmer Founder

Rhonda Ross is a leader with an observant eye and a caring heart. These qualities fuel her passion for agriculture education to the masses, which in turn elevates respect and support for the Farmer.

She was born into a six generation farm family, but has spent most of her life in the city and traveling throughout the world.  Rubbing shoulders with some of the best in entertainment and athletics opened her reality to “anything is possible.”

By thirteen Rhonda was professionally performing her comedy juggling act, by sixteen she was named “Rodeo Photographer of the Year,” by twenty-two she had completed her journalism studies at ISU and CSU and was singing our National Anthem and entertaining at venues such as Madison Square Garden.

Between these much abbreviated milestones she spent endless hours on her grandparents’ farm.  She and Grandpa shared their love for nature and farm life.  One afternoon on the farm she wrote “Lost”, the first poem by an undergraduate published in Iowa State’s Agriculturalist magazine.

Experiencing such diverse environments in both the United States and abroad has equipped Rhonda with a unique understanding and communication ability.  She is fearless of challenges and as most visionaries, prefers forging a new and improved path leading to the goal she envisions.

Rhonda created Thank A Farmer® to gain respect for the farmer and believed that would be accomplished by educating children on the importance of farmers.  Her approach is teaching the plate to pasture concept rather than pasture to plate as agriculture has been doing, putting a face to the farmer rather than on agriculture and speaking in a language understandable to the consumer.  All of which has been proven very successful, but there is much work ahead.  Her ultimate goal is a national Thank a Farmer Day® and on that day every school in our nation will have a Thank A Farmer Day® presentation teaching the importance of farmers and agriculture.

Her  knowledge in journalism, her heart in farming and her experience in urban living and entertainment makes creating educational programs and publications that are understandable, interesting and fun to both rural and urban populations of all ages only common sense and second nature to Rhonda. 

Rhonda Ross, creator of Thank A Farmer® brand and all its divisions, is busy forging new and improved paths leading to the future and the goals she envisions benefiting those contributing greatly to a healthy population and economy – – farmers and agriculture!  Stay tuned.  Much more coming up!

*Rhonda serves as President and Creative Director of the Thank A Farmer organization.

Lost – This poem was written in 1985 during the farm crisis of the 80’s while I was attending Iowa State University’s school of Journalism

Part Farmer by Rhonda Ross