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This throwback Thursday story from 2007 is reminder of the importance of our farmers for food, good people and God’s blessings…..

I had a woman come up to me tonight at the fair and thank me for the Thank A Farmer program yesterday. She said it had really made a difference in a little boy's life. She said that when I asked the kids in the audience what they had eaten for breakfast she noticed a little boy who was part of a 'Little Brothers and Little Sisters' program didn't say anything.  

After the program she asked him what he had eaten for breakfast and he told her he didn't eat breakfast. He told her he only ate breakfast when he was in school. He lowered his eyes and sheepishly said, “In fact I don’t eat much at all. We don't have food at home”

She told me she went to the grocery store and bought a carload of food and delivered it to the little boy's house where he is living with seven other siblings being raised by a great-grandmother. 

The woman said, “I just wanted to thank you so much for asking that question.  It really made a difference. I never would have known he was going hungry.”  I told her I didn't do anything, but it was she who was paying attention and then acted upon it.

What I didn't tell her was that I had taken that question out of the program over 6 months ago and only slipped up and asked it in that one program yesterday. I think the real story was God didn't want that little boy and seven other children to go hungry anymore.

This summer take time to ask a child what they have had to eat. You might be surprised by their answer!