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People and food are a funny thing...there are those that eat to live and others that live to eat. I'm definitely in the later category. I LOVE food and I love all kinds of food. I love country cooking from all the different regions of our country and I love all kinds of ethnic food. It's really hard to find a food I won't eat or don't like.  

On our honeymoon trip to Nova Scotia my new husband and I wanted to eat all the fresh fish we could; and we did. We ate fresh off the boat lobster, clams, haddock, cod, scallops, mussels and crab two times a day for two solid weeks!!! When our order arrived to our table we would stare with a look of wonder at how beautiful our fresh caught food looked, snap a picture and then rave to our waitress or waiter how wonderful and delicious it was. The funny thing was our waiters and waitresses claimed they hardly ever ate the fish and several not at all. WHAT???? How could this be?

We did notice that the daily specials at the various restaurants didn't include fish. They were usually chicken or beef. How could some of the best seafood in the world be overlooked by its local population?

There's a funny thing about most humans we don't realize. We like VARIETY! We like to try different things and go different places. It's the "grass is always greener" syndrome. We look over what is always in front of us.

I noticed the homes in Nova Scotia with barren gardens not yet yielding sprouts of life due to the weather conditions and was told they didn't plant till July 1st when the fear of frost was over. They had to rely on outside sources for food. If they wanted a salad in winter it had to come from somewhere else and if the salad came from somewhere else, what else could they fit on that train, truck or ship that might be a substitute for fish. Eating local is great but if you live in a place that produces very little variety you're going to look for another source.

Lucky for us our honeymoon was just two weeks because after eating a variety of awesome seafood, both my husband and I were tired of fish. Hard to believe when you look at these photos and drool, but two weeks of a solid diet of fish was enough, even for us. It was the most delicious seafood we have eaten but we wanted pork, beef and something spicy. When we arrived home we got Chinese take-out; extra spicy!

Depending on where you live in the country eating local can vary on selection and time of year. We are thankful and grateful to our transportation system that can provide us with a plethora of choices every time we shop. Food is a wonderful thing and lucky for us we have so many different farmers, ranchers and fishermen (worldwide), we will never go hungry with just few choices!